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Your Little could be Someone’s BIG

11 Sep

Oh the Amazon eBook rankings! The Evolution of a Stir went from placement of 1,000,000 to 100,000 from just ONE sale (a big thanks to Brian and Sharon Jones). Of course I’ve watched the rankings on and off since the release of my book, but this morning a huge reminder of what one person’s small action means to another. I am so grateful for one sale, however you can imagine what snowball effect one more could have. For those that don’t understand, rankings drive sales by boosting a book’s appearance. The more exposure, the more opportunity. Simple for a reader, significant for an author.

And about that book. A reader and fellow blogger’s recent prompt…
“Imagine yourself doing what you love…being unique, being you”. That simple comment, another reminder of what stirs me most and why I wrote about it. (Thank you Traveling Tortuga!)

Whether it’s buying an eBook, or offering a stranger a smile, your seemingly small gesture could impact another in a grand way.

So click here to buy The Evolution of a Stir now…it’s only 99¢! Then go smile at a stranger!

P.S. Brian Jones has a book too! Indian Paintbrush by B. K. Jones is available here.

As the Stir Turns

9 Feb


Feeling a little down and troubled, I revisited The Evolution of a Stir. Since putting it all together and releasing it, I’ve not really read it and taken it in. There’s a lot of wisdom in those words, exactly what I needed today; a reminder of my dreams and desires, and a push to keep going.

As my baby steps take me to the end of this day, I prepare for my slumber. Now I lay me down to sleep…with fortitude, a wish, and a prayer. ~ The Evolution of a Stir

Learning to Grow

9 Dec

Excel spreadsheets. That I knew. Word documents. Not so much.

I could use bold, cut, paste, and even highlight, but now I was a writer and it was time to know more. My dream of publishing a book required more knowledge and a massive list of to-dos.

But the things I had begun to list…most of them, foreign. Copyright, trademark, ISBN, bar code, cover design, formatting, marketing. What’s a domain? And how do I get one? What does print ready really mean? What’s the difference between publisher and printer? Library of Congress? Books in Print? Really? REALLY?

So, wide-eyed and curious beget an expedition to learn. If I didn’t know it, I looked it up. Thank goodness for Google, website forums, and help menus! I read and read. I played and maneuvered and practiced; until I felt it was enough. I borrowed my well-read daughter to edit and I contracted a home town book binder to print. With a near nothing budget, I proceeded.

And I did it. And I’m proud.

My first book delivered and my first book is worthy. It may never make it to a brick and mortar bookstore, but it’s worthy. It’s my building block and foundation for more.

How about you? What is that aspiration you’ve yet to conquer? If you’ve read my book “I opened to voices that said yes and rebelled to those that said no” you’ll understand how I got here. And those voices can help you learn to grow too!

Visit the Bookstore to read The Evolution of a Stir!


Small Business Saturday

30 Nov

It’s Small Business Saturday, and while I have a new small business, I began to think of what that really means.

I chose a course which seems to be the road less traveled…publishing my own book. In this day of conglomerates and powerhouses, it was certainly a path of choice. It spoke to my heart…a semblance of foundation…little bricks mortared in strength.

So, not just today, but often, support your local shops, stores, and services.

And So It Begins!

17 Nov

A writer. Who would’ve believed? I surely never did.

A blog. When thoughts transformed into words, an opening began.

A dream. A series of books…life lessons from my heart, eventually to include other writer’s stories as well.

A book. My first! The beginning of a dream come true.

I proudly and enthusiastically present…

The Evolution of a Stir - Front Cover

It tells of my journey…a series of revelations that began a process of change. Each a short story, each a life lesson, each prodding me forward.

With a limited number of print books available*, get yours now! One of those life lessons may speak just to you!

Click here for more information and purchase!


Happy Anniversary to Me!

3 Jul

It’s been one year since my epiphany…the epiphany to write, and the spiritual voyage that ensued. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions, most of them high, but it’s been one of healing and transformation. My spirit dark and weary has grown to a place that sees light at the end of a long tunnel. I’m still traveling that tunnel and it’s very narrow at times. Questioning my God, my prayers, my path, and my choices, but I’ve come so far.

Still unclear where that light leads, it’s guiding me through the darkness. From rage, fear, and doubts to confidence, determination, and peace; I continue my journey. I can’t wait to see where anniversary number two has me!

Ifs, Ands, or Buts

30 Jun

As I slapped my hand on the steering wheel…another sigh escaped from my lungs. Dang it! Once again…my thoughts jumbled with the “other” choices.

My temporary job was located clear across the city. Determined to avoid the idiots, the hurried, and the cluster of the freeway, I chose a different route. Necessary to go through parts of town I’d never known, I tried many options. Always trying to best my last drive, I’d contemplate the ‘what ifs’.  If the light hadn’t been red. If there wasn’t any construction. If only that accident hadn’t happened.  A constant nag of betterment resounded in my head. Over and over I questioned my route. I wanted a clear shot, but that never happened.

And so with my writing. If only I didn’t have to market. If only I knew more about publishing. If only. If only. If only. But if I want to get somewhere, I have to keep driving. While still avoiding the fast lanes, my own path calls. I may encounter wrecks, red lights, and detours, but I’ll get there.

And those various city routes…never mind the challenges…I made my destination every time!

~ ~ ~

Update: The project alluded to in The Party’s Over

I’m in the process of editing and designing an eBook…
“The Evolution of a Stir”
…the first in a MAY YOUR SOUL STIR series.
Coming to an electronic shelf near you!


1 May

I have a friend on Facebook…his usual post “SELL, SELL, SELL”.

There is a difference between my friend and me.  He is a salesman.  I am not.  I’ve always shied away from any type of peddling.  Of the opinion that salesman were vile creatures looking to sell snake oil, I wanted no part of that.  Perhaps my view has changed.

Before beginning this blog, an epiphany to write became the catalyst.  A story in itself, one of healing and spiritual awakening, I imagined this could somehow blossom into more.  Through hours of varied research, I’ve learned in lieu of a bestselling novel, to make a living you must supplement with speaking engagements, newsletters, or some type of innovative promo.  Just as marketing is not my forte, neither is speaking.   I began writing as often my words flow better on paper than from my tongue.

With articles submitted for publishing, I realize that path is a difficult one.  A story is stirred from my heart, not my pocketbook.  Substantial attempts to promote are not in my nature, as neither is writing on demand, but

My writing has a purpose.  Still unclear exactly why, this I know…it has its place.  I’m trying to discern…where I fit, where I don’t.  I do have a gift for seeing a story in the mundane and the inordinate.   I am confident my words are worthy…the context, the message, the delivery.

Although I may not be a salesman, I do have something to offer.  But rather than snake oil, I sell bits of inspiration.  I hope you’re looking to buy!

The Blogger’s Clique

13 Jan

Guided by the red star beckoning to tell me who “liked” my post, I clicked with anticipation.  It was a loyal follower who finds yet another reason to lift my spirits.  They become my circle…the ones I know I can count on. They don’t hit the button just because they’re “in” my crowd.  You can tell.  They are actually interested.

And then the others…the others I want to hang out with too.  It’s like being in high school all over again.   Come on, don’t you like me?  Don’t you notice I like you?  And if it’s not high school, it’s even worse.  I feel like the little one tugging on the popular teacher’s skirt.  If you’ll just look down you might notice me.  And most often they don’t.

From the office, to Facebook, to blogging, and so on.  Will it ever not be like high school?

Okay…so I regressed for a minute, now I am back to my much wiser, older self.  And you know…it’s okay.  It is really okay.  I like my circle.  I find comfort there.  And I hope they find comfort there too.


9 Jan

Just as we record our firsts as children, we should record them as adults.  That wasn’t clear to me, until as a fifty-something, I realized how many new things I was experiencing…

First dog “New Love” – May 2012

First blood donation – June 2012

First major life epiphany “Born to Write?” – July 2012

First submission for publishing – August 2012

First time to read a blog – September 2012

First poem “Dear Daughter” – October 2012

First major leap of faith “Leap of Courage” – December 2012

First tweet! – January 2013

And as I reflect over those firsts, I see a new batch just yearning for record.  I have never, but I will…

…be officially published

…eat at the Beehive

…explore Big Bend National Park

…work the front line of a natural disaster

…attend the Albuquerque Balloon Festival

…participate in a charity walk

…write the lyrics to a song

…zip line!

What will be your next first?


6 Jan

In the wee morning hours, with a broken heart, an empty bed, and the light of my television, I wrote. Reveling in the aftermath of a break-up, I searched for closure. The significance of the man is no longer, but the importance of this writing still lingers.  One of his last words to me, “nevertheless”, prompted me to reveal my thoughts on paper. It was then I knew I could use words for healing. 

As is, unedited and imperfect, I present my first writing.   Who could know that five years later, I would begin a public endeavor doing just that.  I thank him.


Life, with its twists and turns, does not always present itself to our liking…

I know that people come in and out of our lives for a reason. For those that choose to stay, I cherish. For those that walk away…there is a reason, although sometimes I do not understand. I do know that a diamond in our possession is a precious stone. In someone else’s it is just a thing of envy. Being envious of something just brings ourselves discontent. Instead we should choose to be grateful for those things that are around us and let go of the things that slip through our grasp.

I know I am responsible for some of the things that slip through my fingers, others I am not – they are beyond my control. I realize that in some moments of personal anguish, I speak or act hastily, thereby hurting the people I love most and pushing them away. I wish I could have the moments back when I was wrong, but at forty-six, I am still learning the whys and how comes and strive to fix the things that matter most. Sometimes I have a resolution, other times I do not. I will forever be a work in progress and I make no apologies for that, rather I feel proud of the small accomplishments I continually make and strive for.

Sometimes you just have to let go to release your pain and move ahead. In the aftermath of a divorce, someone told a story of a woman falling off a cliff that in desperation clung to a small branch to hold for dear life. In the darkness, she knew only to cling to that, but in the light of day realized that had she not struggled so and let go, there was a ledge just beneath her feet that would have caught her fall. I am releasing my grasp. It only causes pain and stagnation. I know that I will fall, but the duration of the fall will be shorter than I expect.

I will never say good-bye to my past; instead use it as a tool for learning. I do have a future. I know not what it brings, only that it will provide me joy and sorrow. Joy to be savored and sorrow for lessons learned.

Find a path and enjoy your journey. It may not be the journey you chose, but it is still your journey with yet more twists and turns.

My World Expanded

30 Dec

Over the holidays, a discussion arose with my sister regarding this blog experience.  We talked of mine, then she went on to ask what other blogs I follow and what they offer.  I tried to explain the diversity, expanse of horizons, and exposure of more lessons learned.

I have read words of inspiration, humor, and mindless jabber.  I have peered into other’s lives and others have peeked into mine.  I have mulled over writings to emulate and those I would prefer not.  I have trekked through mountains, watched sea turtles, and walked the streets of Manhattan.  I have laughed, cried, and adored.

My journey through blogging has opened my mind and my world and taken me to places I could only dream of.  In light of my now expanded realm, some of those positive experiences thus far…

  • Rhythms of Grace – I was encouraged to bloom wherever God sends my seed, thanks to Karen’s ever positive posts.
  • Words of Nelle – I too came out of the writers’ closet…on the same day as Nelle! Although our background and presentation is a bit different, I see a similarity in our thoughts.
  • Your Life. BETTER. – Through Cheryl, I read ways to increase my happiness.
  • LUGGAGE Lady – I exhaled in the face of panic and self-doubt, right along with the Luggage Lady.
  • 4th Smith Girl –  A lifelong friend has encouraged, reminisced, and shared family stories.
  • Red Road Diaries – I traveled vicariously in an RV caravan through the Baja of Mexico.
  • Mind Margins – I met a kindred soul who cherishes the vastness of the West.
  • CANDYCOATEDREALITY – Tell, show, and do! Truly inspiration for what lies in my near future.
  • Mid Life Meg – Experiencing the highs of new love right along with Meg. And she makes me laugh!
  • The Musings of a Life – Bev inspired me to let go of my past and embrace the now.
  • GinGetz.com – Words of wisdom from a fellow middle-ager and her adventures and photos in the high mountains.
  • meanderest – I caught up to Lorie’s journey and I am inspired! I too have contemplated just going to see where I fit best. With a little over a year before my slate is clear, I might just do it!
  • lynnecobb – I was reminded that with age comes wisdom…and was double dog dared to unearth and share my God-given gift.
  • Why I Love West Texas – West Texas! Enough said.
  • Going to the Sea – Through Erin’s words, I have been inspired to keep going forward, even when my limb is shaking.
  • freedom follies – I found someone in mutual need of a good scream.
  • WRITER IN TRAINING – Yet another aspiring writer…possibly I can learn from Gwen, as well as see her progression.
  • suehealy – A connection to someone who certainly knows more in the writing world…a virtual mentor.
  • Author McCloskey Speaks – I danced along through new adventures in dating.

I wonder where I’m headed next?

A Time to Hibernate

23 Dec

I have long had a disdain for winter. Ample sun, bare feet, and warm temperatures normally trump a bitter cold day.

This year is different.  Many things in my life are changing, and my renewed self is seeing the positive in the once negative.  A time for hibernation has come…a time to store up for spring.  As I enter into my new life, I view this as a season to write.

While I hibernate in my winter, I will awake in my spring.

The Ants Come Marching In

9 Dec

It’s 1:30 in the morning.  My son just woke me up from a deep sleep to tell me we have an ant infestation in the kitchen.  Ugh.  Couldn’t it have waited until morning?  I mean, seven or eight o’clock morning.

Groggily, I put out the ant bait and retreat to bed once more.  And then…it gets me.  Reality.  Coming off a writer’s high, this brought me down and threatens to take me out.  Am I in fantasy land or the real world with this writing stuff?  Fairy tale or realism?  Visions of sugar plums or pesky insects?

Those darn ants are messing with my head.  They remind me that no matter how spiritual, or soulful, or optimistic I may be…there are always ants.  So in this complex head of mine, I ponder the chicken or the egg debate.  Without a chicken there couldn’t be an egg?  Or was it the other way around?  Oh wait, that’s the wrong debate.

Go away ants.  I’m tired of all this clucking.  And come on tomorrow…I feel the need to write.


I Thank You

20 Nov

To My Readers,

In my brief time here, I have been blessed beyond measure.  It was my hope that my writings would touch someone in some way.  My intent to provoke a thought, stir a soul, ignite a passion, or lift a spirit has been acknowledged in varying forms.

But for me, the cathartic process has been exponentially rewarding.  That selfless act that gives my life fulfillment is really not so selfless after all.

It absolutely warms my heart to know I make a difference, in whatever so small way.  To each of you, I thank you for your interest, support, and words of encouragement.  My own soul has stirred…more than you know.


Scared Forward

24 Oct

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ~Neale Donald Walsch

I am naked and scared.  I realize in this endeavor that being vulnerable is a necessity.  I can’t write with my heart if I can’t divulge it.  Opening myself up is something I have been unable to do for a while.  My dark and bitter self had barricaded the door to protect against my enemy.  Staying confined inside my walls was safe…lonely but safe.

With God’s amazing grace, I am here.  My walls are coming down and I am exposed.  I fear the criticism.  I fear the cynicism.  I still fear the enemy and still I am scared, but stepping out of my comfort zone, I trust this is my path.

At times intimidated, other times confident and strong, I continue this journey to write.  It is a must…for practice, presence, and potential.  Above all other, it is a must for my soul.

My Daddy

28 Sep

As I completed the task, I viewed with satisfaction…a job well done.  A privacy wall for my patio and I built it alone.  This wasn’t my first project and it won’t be my last.  Often wondrous that I am capable, I remember why.  I got this from my dad.

He is a man with many talents and building is one of them.  As a child, I often became his unofficial apprentice.  Fetching a tool or “hold this” was the vital purpose, although popping the chalk line was my preferred task.  With peripheral instruction my little mind absorbed bits of his skill.

A blue-collar worker and athletically apt; he was blessed with an unexpected gift for art.  I have watched him craft astonishing pottery, take amazing pictures, and sculpt simply to engage himself.

With his understanding, encouragement and advice to never give up, I am writing.

Writing is an art, and I got this from my dad.

The Beginning

28 Sep

Defined as a diary online, a blog is a frequently updated personal journal, intended for public viewing.  Just as in life, it is what you make it.  I define mine as purpose…an arena to become that something I have never known.

With faith, courage, and determination, I delve into the world of writing.   While I seek publishing in other forums, writing here will allow me to share my passion more readily. Expressing myself through words, in my way, I invite you along the journey.

In this season of change, as the leaves begin their transition, I begin mine.

May your soul stir…



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