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No “Thriller”

31 Oct

As the other moms danced, steps in unison, costumes masking their identities, I watched. An explosion of appreciation engulfed the gym.  The excitement permeated on the faces of those in applause.  I was one of those applauding but my place should have been among the entertainers.  I should have been a breathless participate.

In a pep rally tribute to our football senior sons, a dance routine was choreographed and rehearsed to “Thriller”.  Because of a forced move to another city, I was unable to attend practices.  Joining in other ways, attempts were made to persuade me to learn on my own, but my confidence was lacking.  Horribly afraid of making a mistake or looking silly, I passed.

I avoided the possible failure of my dancing talents, which I am normally apt.  I avoided missteps and broken rhythm.  I also avoided the thrill of reward.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN…with no regrets!

Lightning Bugs and Beer

15 May

It’s been eleven years…and still when I see his picture, I get a pit in my stomach, a lump in my throat, and my mind fills with what ifs.

A recent dig through the photo box prompted his return. He was a great love in my life and I miss what we shared.

One of our first dates was atop a picnic table several miles from the city.  With a spectacular view of the night sky, we shared stories, a cooler of beer, and stolen glances.  Against the backdrop of a darkened field, an immeasurable show of lightning bugs graced our presence.  What an incredible setting it was!

We shared more moments of splendor, yet our paths deviated from similar. He in his life, and I in my own, we lay those celebrations behind us.

As day comes, the light from the fire fly grows dim. In the bright of day, it does not exist, yet the flickers of their illumination still linger in my mind.

Smell the Roses, Stir the Soul

27 Mar

Food everywhere!  Green apple bread, chocolate chip cake, potato salad, lasagna, ribs, chicken casserole, and on and on and on.  Temporarily assisting my parents for a couple of weeks, I was surrounded by the neighborly efforts of small town America.

While very grateful for the gifts of love, my ever-expanding stomach felt the desperate need to walk.  It took a few days to get that message to my feet, but at last we were moving.

Walking the very route in and out of the neighborhood normally by car, I was astonished at what I now saw.  I noticed the varied landscaping gracing the front lawns…placements of flower pots, bird feeders, and other lawn embellishment formerly overlooked.   I spotted a skillfully arched bridge…a unique wooden pathway to retrieve mail.  I distinguished the bend of a tree…an ever graceful reach towards the sky.

We see things differently when we stroll…a slower pace presents a beauty unknown to those that buzz fervently through life.  Slowing down is crucial.  Our soul demands splendor so take care to oblige.  If stopping to smell the roses doesn’t fit into your day, perhaps a brisk walk instead.

Child’s Play

13 Mar

It was the 4th of July.  On the last leg of a much-needed road trip, I took a route to avoid the busy of the interstate. As I traveled alone through small towns of the panhandle, I saw groups gathering for celebration of our independence.  I found myself yearning to belong, some way to take in the atmosphere of the holiday spirit.

Unlike the other towns, this particular’s park was noticeably empty.  Vacant and mute, the motionless swing provided no children with laughter.  It summoned me there as I gazed in passing.  I had to go back.  It was time to play.

Walking across that park, I contemplated what passersby could think.  As I began to swing, I no longer cared.  With each stretch towards the sky, it took me to new heights of alive.  The methodic swaying, once a forgotten joy was now moments of freedom and fun.  My body of middle age had the heart of a child…and that park was empty no more.

Never mind those passersby.  Never mind the naysayers.  As adults, we should never pass the opportunity to reach for the sky.

List, Lists, Listing, Listings

27 Feb


I inherited this from my mom…keeping a list.  I constantly make them. In high school, instead of doodle, I’d make a list…a list of states, a list of state capitols, a list of professional football teams.

Currently, I have a…

Wish List
To Do List
Bucket List
Grocery List
Things I am Grateful For List
List of Ex-Boyfriends
List of must haves for a current boyfriend (precisely why I have a List of Ex-Boyfriends)

And I have another list…a list of ABC’s…positive words describing who I am.  The operative word is positive.  It’s easy to list all the negatives but sometimes it takes more effort to realize the good we have in all of us.


Do it…make your own ABC list…positives only!


9 Jan

Just as we record our firsts as children, we should record them as adults.  That wasn’t clear to me, until as a fifty-something, I realized how many new things I was experiencing…

First dog “New Love” – May 2012

First blood donation – June 2012

First major life epiphany “Born to Write?” – July 2012

First submission for publishing – August 2012

First time to read a blog – September 2012

First poem “Dear Daughter” – October 2012

First major leap of faith “Leap of Courage” – December 2012

First tweet! – January 2013

And as I reflect over those firsts, I see a new batch just yearning for record.  I have never, but I will…

…be officially published

…eat at the Beehive

…explore Big Bend National Park

…work the front line of a natural disaster

…attend the Albuquerque Balloon Festival

…participate in a charity walk

…write the lyrics to a song

…zip line!

What will be your next first?

My World Expanded

30 Dec

Over the holidays, a discussion arose with my sister regarding this blog experience.  We talked of mine, then she went on to ask what other blogs I follow and what they offer.  I tried to explain the diversity, expanse of horizons, and exposure of more lessons learned.

I have read words of inspiration, humor, and mindless jabber.  I have peered into other’s lives and others have peeked into mine.  I have mulled over writings to emulate and those I would prefer not.  I have trekked through mountains, watched sea turtles, and walked the streets of Manhattan.  I have laughed, cried, and adored.

My journey through blogging has opened my mind and my world and taken me to places I could only dream of.  In light of my now expanded realm, some of those positive experiences thus far…

  • Rhythms of Grace – I was encouraged to bloom wherever God sends my seed, thanks to Karen’s ever positive posts.
  • Words of Nelle – I too came out of the writers’ closet…on the same day as Nelle! Although our background and presentation is a bit different, I see a similarity in our thoughts.
  • Your Life. BETTER. – Through Cheryl, I read ways to increase my happiness.
  • LUGGAGE Lady – I exhaled in the face of panic and self-doubt, right along with the Luggage Lady.
  • 4th Smith Girl –  A lifelong friend has encouraged, reminisced, and shared family stories.
  • Red Road Diaries – I traveled vicariously in an RV caravan through the Baja of Mexico.
  • Mind Margins – I met a kindred soul who cherishes the vastness of the West.
  • CANDYCOATEDREALITY – Tell, show, and do! Truly inspiration for what lies in my near future.
  • Mid Life Meg – Experiencing the highs of new love right along with Meg. And she makes me laugh!
  • The Musings of a Life – Bev inspired me to let go of my past and embrace the now.
  • GinGetz.com – Words of wisdom from a fellow middle-ager and her adventures and photos in the high mountains.
  • meanderest – I caught up to Lorie’s journey and I am inspired! I too have contemplated just going to see where I fit best. With a little over a year before my slate is clear, I might just do it!
  • lynnecobb – I was reminded that with age comes wisdom…and was double dog dared to unearth and share my God-given gift.
  • Why I Love West Texas – West Texas! Enough said.
  • Going to the Sea – Through Erin’s words, I have been inspired to keep going forward, even when my limb is shaking.
  • freedom follies – I found someone in mutual need of a good scream.
  • WRITER IN TRAINING – Yet another aspiring writer…possibly I can learn from Gwen, as well as see her progression.
  • suehealy – A connection to someone who certainly knows more in the writing world…a virtual mentor.
  • Author McCloskey Speaks – I danced along through new adventures in dating.

I wonder where I’m headed next?

The Color of Clouds

18 Nov

I saw Mickey Mouse today…his big black ears dancing happily in song.  Yesterday an Arkansas Razorback, in all his red glory, legs stretched as in chase.  And no, I am no fan but he was in my clouds nevertheless.

As a child and even more so as a teenager I relished in letting the clouds feed my imagination. I still find that to be the case, but it takes on new meaning as I age.  I enjoy the pause from adult responsibilities…a time to just be still.

I have seen in those clouds the royal purple of kings, a mighty silver sword, and the grey of an old man’s crown.  I have witnessed green frogs in leap, blue dolphins at play, and brown bears on prowl.

When life is complicated, the simplicity of a picture show in the sky puts me in the right place, and I ever so humbly realize the smallness here…and the greatness there.

Fits of Laughter

7 Oct

I seldom have them, but when I do, I am quite convinced I look absurdly crazy.  A complete and total loss of composure…an explosion of uncontrollable laughter.

Like the time my sister and I were attempting a tire change.  We were new young adults out on our own and we had never done this before.  Owner’s manual in hand, we followed the instructions.  Something got us tickled and we were off.  Any shot of progression was impeded with uncontrollable bouts of ‘tears running down our cheeks’ laughter.  Our independence was proven in fits of hysterical comedy.

We somehow managed to change that tire and we still sometimes manage to have the uncontrollable bouts of ‘tears running down our cheeks’ laughter.

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