The Advantage of Trains

5 Dec

I am often amazed at the differences in people.  One of note lately is how others react to a train interrupting their commute.  On a less traveled side street to and from work, the train tracks are often occupied, more often on my route home.  As the crossing bars take their place in keeping cars at bay, I take my place in wait.

While others scour, do hasty U-turns, and inch their way in anticipation, I choose to savor the disruption.  I take in the sky, noting as clouds make their passage.  In observation, I watch as grasses cower to the wind.  Of late, the sunset offers its orange glow amid each fleeting railcar.  I relish the moment of pause and the sounds become a joyful noise.

That intrusion into others’ time has become a valued inclusion in mine.


2 Responses to “The Advantage of Trains”

  1. Jennifer December 6, 2012 at 7:02 pm #

    I enjoy the forced pause too. I get tickled listening to Emma silently counting the boxcars as they pass. As a kid, we’d anxiously await the end of the train to wave at the caboose. I miss the caboose!

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