The Color of Clouds

18 Nov

I saw Mickey Mouse today…his big black ears dancing happily in song.  Yesterday an Arkansas Razorback, in all his red glory, legs stretched as in chase.  And no, I am no fan but he was in my clouds nevertheless.

As a child and even more so as a teenager I relished in letting the clouds feed my imagination. I still find that to be the case, but it takes on new meaning as I age.  I enjoy the pause from adult responsibilities…a time to just be still.

I have seen in those clouds the royal purple of kings, a mighty silver sword, and the grey of an old man’s crown.  I have witnessed green frogs in leap, blue dolphins at play, and brown bears on prowl.

When life is complicated, the simplicity of a picture show in the sky puts me in the right place, and I ever so humbly realize the smallness here…and the greatness there.


One Response to “The Color of Clouds”

  1. Kathy Massie November 18, 2012 at 10:15 am #

    Your blogs always touch my heart and stir my memories! However, I usually don’t take the time to respond. This one today was especially moving to me. Loved it and love, love, love your writings!!!! Keep on, keeping on!!!!

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