My Daddy

28 Sep

As I completed the task, I viewed with satisfaction…a job well done.  A privacy wall for my patio and I built it alone.  This wasn’t my first project and it won’t be my last.  Often wondrous that I am capable, I remember why.  I got this from my dad.

He is a man with many talents and building is one of them.  As a child, I often became his unofficial apprentice.  Fetching a tool or “hold this” was the vital purpose, although popping the chalk line was my preferred task.  With peripheral instruction my little mind absorbed bits of his skill.

A blue-collar worker and athletically apt; he was blessed with an unexpected gift for art.  I have watched him craft astonishing pottery, take amazing pictures, and sculpt simply to engage himself.

With his understanding, encouragement and advice to never give up, I am writing.

Writing is an art, and I got this from my dad.


One Response to “My Daddy”

  1. Jennifer September 30, 2012 at 6:53 pm #

    I hope you share your talent with your dad. He would be proud of your art.

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